New Markets

Whether a company is expanding into a new region in Greece or a new country, the need for up to date market research to fully understand the local market is vital. Businesses who rely on local partner knowledge alone can miss opportunities to fully exploit the market and reduce risk. 

For foreign markets, clear works with local suppliers and ensures that the market intelligence is specific, credible and useable.

Case study:

The client, an owner/developer was due to open the first retail and entertainment center of its region. The potential for animosity was high as the area had experienced years of increasing unemployment. Local businessmen and government were hesitant about its potential affect on existing local retail and entertainment offers.

Research undertaken involved both qualitative and quantitative studies. Recommendations, based on the findings consisted of communication plans that served to increase acceptance of the center. Following the successful launch of the center and further research studies over the years, the center was sold to an investment fund, as per the owner’s/developer’s original objective.

In order to maintain confidentially case studies do not refer to client names or projects

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