PR Design & Implementation

Clear can assist a developer either at the pre or post -permit stage of a project e.g. if local concern about a project exists, or pre & post opening of a project.

Furthermore clear also works with clients who wish to ‘re-brand’ a project, for example after the aquisition of a distressed property. Clear undertakes the design and efficient implementation of successful public and media relation strategies either independently or with the client’s PR agencies.

Case Study:

The client was at the time the new owner and facility manager of a retail and entertainment center which was enduring a high level of tenant vacancies and low visitation. Clear was assigned to assess the local media, public and business community relations vis a vis the center, and to set up a public relations events programme - based on the findings - for key seasonal events. Since working with this client, and despite the economic crisis, the center has significantly reduced tenant vacancy and increased visitation.

In order to maintain confidentially case studies do not refer to client names or projects

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