Strategy Design

Following a situational analysis and uitlising  over a decade of client side experience, clear proposes a marketing strategy based on the development or corporate objectives.

The situational analysis draws on sector data and a thorough analysis of the competition. This often - but not always – also includes a market survey. Furthermore if the project is pioneering or the first of its kind we are able to drawer on international experience, thus avoiding the need to ‘re-invent the wheel’ at a high cost.

Case study:

A communication strategy for one of Greece’s largest residential projects entailed a specific challenge: The Greek market was unfamiliar with such large projects and the developer was keen to avoid promoting the project  ‘in the standard way’. Further to  both qualitative and quantitative research, the design of the strategy was created, full advertising briefs and briefs to media creative teams were designed, and a marketing and PR plan  was proposed and implemented.  The project enjoyed phenomenal sales -well beyond stated targets- an international award for the estate itself, and a national award for its advertising campaign.

Case study:

A year before the opening of a Retail & Entertainment Center, Clear was commissioned to undertake a situational analysis of the market in order to propose a marketing strategy for the center and to overview the center’s launch communication. Following both the situational analysis and a consumer survey, Clear proposed the USP and broader communication strategy as well as the design of the advertising spec and brief to determine the most appropriate agency.

Consumer reaction to the new center exceeded client expectations and Clear was further commissioned to overview and train the center’s marketing manager for the first months of operation.

In order to maintain confidentially case studies do not refer to client names or projects

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